Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Your Addiction

Heroin, you've let her win,
she has taken over your life.
Your wife, your kids, your family and friends,
they're all become your second choice.
The high is too strong, the drug has won.

Your eyes are sunken, your skin too pale,
the mirror shows how you have failed.
You work to play or so you say,
but death is creeping closer every day.
Too much time has passed, it is now too late.

Always sorry, promising to change,
but your addiction to the high, now has you chained.
We've done everything in our power to help,
but you keep burning bridges to do it yourself.
I hope that you know, you're always in my heart,
it has always been that way, right from the start.

Megan Rose

Live in the moment and understand your past,
forget about the future, who knows how long you'll last.
Embrace every opportunity that's within your grasp.

We only have once chance to live the way we please,
do everything and anything to fulfill all of your dreams.
But never forget, things aren't always as they seem.

Listen to others but have a mind of your own,
and try to remember you are never alone.

You're my little sister and I'll never leave you be,
always remember you have a friend in me.

Love you Meg <3

Wrath of Me

Tainted by the horrors that occurred in my past,
my optimism is fading at a pace too fast.
I refuse to give up now, I have come too far,
I will throw my pride aside and raise the heavy bar.
I will overcome the obstacles that were thrown in my path,
Jump through hoops, run through fire,  you will feel my wrath.
If I were you, I would stay out of my way,
I have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Never Gone

Taking an abundant amount of happiness from people everyday.
Death, you think you have won the game,
but there is something that I should say.
A piece of every one you take stays here within our hearts.
We carry them in our hopes and dreams,
and that is just the start.
The memories may fade, the picture may get worn,
but the love that we feel is something that cannot be torn.
I may close my eyes and not be able to picture his face,
but the feeling in my heart has never been replaced.
You may take the bodies here from earth,
but that is as far as you may go.
The loved ones that we have lost,
their souls have the ability to float.

Dream Walker

The scenery is always changing,
flashing before my eyes.
Filled with friends and family but some strangers do subside.
Never understanding how I got here.
The details are so keen; how is there so much detail in faces I've never seen?
I can feel the grass between my toes and the scent of flowers in the air,
but how is this possible if I'm not really there?
I can feel love in my heart and fear in my soul,
even the changes in temperature from hot to cold.
But how is this possible when its not real.
How am I able to dream and to feel?

Dear God

Dear God,
There is something important I want to talk about,
throughout the years you have filled me with doubt.
Born and raised a Christian, a Catholic to be exact,
I've come to understand that the Bible is  not fact.
How dare you tell women whose babies die that purgatory is where they stay,
and how dare you tell gays that hell is where they will be slayed.
I want to believe you're better than that,
but you've taken my son and that is a fact.
You've created me pain and doubt in my mind,
you couldn't give me the one thing I needed and that was time.
Time to hear him laugh and even cry,
now how am I supposed to say God is divine?
It has been two years of questioning my faith,
and not understanding which path to take.
Please show me your mercy and take my hand,
Please give me a reason to believe you are grand.

In Memory of Zeke Abraham <3

Another World

Another World

Smothered from the fog of dawn,
Thick and heavy but I must press on.
Mental exhaustion is on the rise,
I see the horizon through blood shot eyes.
My muscles are tender and my heart is growing weak,
But I'll push and press until I find what I seek.
A world colored grey; with no black and white.
Unity is what I stand for & I am willing to fight.
Relinquishing blood shed and minimizing tears,
I am still striving for a world with minimal fears.