Monday, September 3, 2012

Jimmy T

To listen to you breathe brings comfort to my soul,
Your inhaling and exhaling plays a perfect song.
The quiet moans here and there,
Give me comfort to know you're there.
The warmth of your body is the blanket to my heart,
Keeping me warm and giving me comfort of a fresh start.
Your arms wrapped around me, give me confidence deep inside,
Your steady breathe upon my neck makes me melt inside.
It is you that brings all my dreams so vividly alive.
No time spent with you will ever be enough,
Because when you're away my body craves your touch,
The butterflies I feel whenever you are near,
Remove all negative emotions such as sadness and fear.
I could never thank you enough for make me feel whole,
You're the other half of me that completes my soul.
I am sorry love poems tend to be cliche,
But the love I have for you gives me too much to say.
Please never change who you are and what you're all about,
Because you're perfect in my eyes I say that without a doubt.

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