Monday, September 3, 2012


I look in the mirror and you ask what I see,
A disfigured image that is now me.
A piece of my heart that went with Zeke,
Has made me vulnerable and sometimes weak.
The chemicals I take show through my eyes,
Keeping them dilated to an abnormal size.
The dreams that I've had are too vivid and real,
I'd rather take drugs to numb how I feel.
Avoidance is the path that I take,
It allows me to open and close my hearts pearly gates.
I hope and I dream someday I will be fine,
And maybe be able to read through the lines.
The man of my dreams has opened in my heart,
I finally feel excited for a fresh start.
Our souls are connected and intertwined,
He has given me the love I have been dying to find.
Chemicals no longer needed, I love how I feel,
He has opened my heart, my feelings are real.
Thank you God for sending me a man who can heal,
I no longer have any pain to conceal.

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